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America's economy is weathering the global pandemic better than any other major Western country, new GDP data reveals.
Trump has become the first president since Richard Nixon to name three judges to the Supreme Court in a first term.
The Latino vote will be key across the country, especially in tight races in places such as Arizona and Florida. About one quarter of Latinos, mostly men, steadily support the president, polls show.
Donald Trump's macho messaging has been a big part of his political success. It's even been reflected in some of his policies as president. But campaign opponents are trying to turn it against him.
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Biden launched a closing argument promising to heal the country in the spirit of FDR, while Trump attacked Democrats, mail-in ballots and virus testing.
For President Trump, there’s one stat that might prove either prescient or slightly meaningless. As you may know, I tend to avoid politics but I do like to analyze curious stats and trends on social ...
We’ve seen pro athletes speak out, but we’ve never seen anything like what the NBA has done to influence the 2020 U.S. presidential election.
Career employees have come under siege as a president and his political appointees have attacked bureaucrats they view as resistant.
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On Wednesday night at a rally in Arizona, President Trump rushed Senator Martha McSally on stage as she fights to hold on to her seat.
Just when you thought the year couldn't get any odder, you probably wouldn't have expected to see Lil Wayne meeting with President Donald Trump less than a week before the election. Yet that's where ...
Cook Political Report and other trackers moved Texas from "Lean Republican" to the "Toss Up" column in the Trump-Biden election.
President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, and Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris all appeared on "60 Minutes" on Sunday ahead of the ...
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