President Donald J. Trump

The White House

President Trump assured the public that the federal government is prepared for Hurricane Irma, which continued its deadly sweep through the Caribbean on Friday as residents of Florida waited with frazzled nerves and growing fears over just how bad the storm will be.

President Donald Trump signed a $15 billion disaster relief package into law Friday afternoon, just hours after it passed the House with a broad bipartisan majority.

President Donald Trumps decision to end DACA is not only cruel but shameful. The president also contradicts his own previous statements that Dreamers are great kids, causes great anxiety among 800,000 young people, and increases national stress.

President Trump prepared for the pivotal meeting with congressional leaders by huddling with his senior team - his chief of staff, his legislative director and the heads of Treasury and the Office of Management.

President Trump waged a hostile takeover of the Republican Party's presidential nomination last year. Now he's holding the entire party hostage.

Donald Trump's new best friends "Chuck and Nancy" probably shouldn't get too chummy with the President just yet.